World Oil | Acoustic Data Podcast

Hart Energy | SonicGauge: Remote Deployment Solution
28 April, 2020
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20 January, 2021

World Oil | Acoustic Data Podcast

Daily Brief, Gulf Energy Information

Listen in to the World Oil (Gulf Energy Information) podcast, where Stephen Murphy and Matthew Norgate speak about the remote deployment of the SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System and how this will keep our clients moving forward during these challenging times.

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is affecting how oil and gas companies do business day-to-day, from dealing with social distancing challenges to maintaining efficient operations in the face of whipsawing commodity prices.

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles lies in the need to protect employee health by respecting quarantine rules while keeping production in remote locations online.

Today’s show features Matthew Norgate and Stephen Murphy of Acoustic Data, a UK-based provider of wireless well technology, to talk about how remote deployment technology is keeping the oil industry moving forward.

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