World Oil | Acoustic Data Wins $4.5MM Contract

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13 May, 2020
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20 January, 2021

World Oil | Acoustic Data Wins $4.5MM Contract

Acoustic Data has been awarded a $4.5mm three-year contract by a supermajor to deploy its SonicGauge Wireless Monitoring System in onshore gas fields in Asia.

Acoustic Data’s acoustic telemetry systems will be deployed in multiple wells to acquire downhole data for real-time reservoir evaluation and production optimization. The technology’s major advantage is that it can be quickly and safely retrofitted via slickline in existing wells with Acoustic Data’s patented Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™. The new retrofittable technology also offers the operator a low-profile downhole monitoring solution that minimizes disruption to production within the fields.

“This marks our first long-term contract in Asia, and to do this with a supermajor is a testament to our technology offering. These are high-rate gas wells that have posed many problems for cabled downhole monitoring systems. However, our turnkey wireless solution will offer a reliable and flexible way to increase downhole data to desktop while reducing OPEX." said Stephen Murphy, Global Sales Director at Acoustic Data.

The SonicGauge provides simple real-time data acquisition and reporting as an alternative to cabled permanent downhole gauges and sporadic memory gauge surveys. The system has been deployed more than 120 times and has 80+ years of accumulated downhole monitoring time globally.

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