Installation of our AD250 Wireless Downhole Gauge System in your oil & gas wells will not only provide you with real time pressure and temperature data, but also save you money, time and effort. Contact our team today for a quote and a solution to your wellbore data acquisition needs.

Chief Executive Officer


Acoustic Data is an oil & gas technology company recognised as the global leader in real-time acoustic telemetry in the field of short and long-term production monitoring in both onshore and offshore wells. The AD250 Wireless technology enhances drill stem testing and well testing results, and is a Command+Control communication platform for remote activation and control of third-party downhole tools such as valves, electronic firing heads, fluid samplers, and sliding sleeves.

The Barracuda HEX High Expansion Gauge Hanger enables the wireless downhole gauges to be retrofitted anywhere in the wellbore without work over, or can be used as an anchoring device to provide a platform for, or suspension of; stack-up perforating guns, swell-able packers, fluid samplers and other downhole tools. Our latest product line is the field proven Well Analyst Downhole Event Monitor that is the most advanced technology of its kind for confirmation of well stimulation events, and predicting artificial lift failure.


Our engineering team is involved with ongoing R&D specialising in the design of wireless downhole tools that communicate acoustically with surface in real time, or is controlled from surface in real time. Energy efficiency and simplicity is a hallmark of our design. We typically apply our wireless well telemetry technology in joint ventures formed to develop new generation downhole tools that rely upon positive acoustic control.


Mark Tolley
CEO / Co-Founder

Mark is an Australian petroleum engineer who has over 35-years of global experience in oil & gas exploration and production. He is experienced in financial markets, investor relations, general management, project and production operations management, production technology, reservoir engineering, and well site operations. He has particular experience in the CIS and is fluent in the Russian language.

Jesse Tolley
COO / Co-Founder

Jesse started his career investment banking in London before co-founding Acoustic Data in 2011. He has extensive experience planning and executing growth initiatives for new target markets globally as well as developing strategic partnerships in the O&G industry. He holds a Degree in Finance from the University of Canterbury and is fluent in the Spanish language.

Bob Reisenweber
Corporate Advisor

Bob is a former UBS M&A Investment Banker with extensive experience bootstrapping successful startups. He has guided several international businesses in a variety of sectors from concept to reality. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently based in Latin America. He is fluent in the Spanish language.

Arabella Brown
Marketing Advisor

Arabella is a print and digital media marketing specialist who previously worked for the UK’s largest independently-owned regional media company. She is an editorial contributor in the UK and has extensive experience in developing and implementing high-impact customer acquisition campaigns as well as developing multi-channel go-to-market strategies for large corporations.