• Cost-effective technology for well isolation or well abandonment
  • Provides a reliable platform for cement plugs or melted metal alloy plugs
  • Deployed via slickline and installed by an electro-mechanical setting tool
  • Small OD (2.13”) runs through 2-7/8” No-Go nipple to set in up to 9-5/8” casing


The patented Barracuda™ HEX-Retainer™ is a high expansion basket retainer designed for well isolation or well abandonment and can be installed anywhere in tubing or casing; providing an anchoring platform for sand, proppant, cement plugs and melted metal alloy plugs such as Bismuth (BiSn). The 2-7/8" model can be run through a 2-7/8″ No-Go nipple profile and has an expansion capability of up to 9-5/8″ casing.

The HEX-Retainer is mounted on our HEX-Hanger™ and can be quickly installed via a single slickline run using the rechargeable battery-powered Electro-SET™, an electro-mechanical setting tool which is activated by a pre-programmed onboard timer. In the case of a metal-alloy plug, the SonicGauge™ Plug Verification System can be installed on the HEX-Retainer toolstring in order to measure and transmit pressure data to surface. This data will provide assurance of the integrity of the barrier over a multi-year period.

The name 'Barracuda' lends itself perfectly to this product line’s speed, strength and grip features, and most notably the compact size of each technology.


  • The Electro-SET-HEX-Retainer toolstring is run-in-hole via slickline to depth.
  • An onboard-timer activates the Electro-SET, expanding the HEX-Retainer grippers onto the tubing/casing wall via a soft-set pre-compression mechanism which provides high force distribution and engagement.
  • The Electro-SET is disengaged from the installed HEX-Retainer via a shear-pin mechanism which simultaneously releases the basket petals; allowing the basket to expand and seat against the tubing wall, sealing the annular space.
  • The Electro-SET is then pulled-out-of-hole and the onboard setting log is downloaded to confirm successful installation.
  • The HEX-Retainer can immediately be used as an anchoring platform for a cement plug or a melted metal alloy plug such as Bismuth (BiSn).


High Expansion Retainer TypeRadially Set via Electro-SET™
MaterialSuper Duplex
External Diameter33.4mm (1.31”)
Length650 – 950mm (25.6 – 37.4")
Weight5kg (Hand Carry)
Tubing/Casing Size2-7/8" – 9-5/8"
Pressure Rating (Setting Tool)10,000psi
Temperature Rating (Setting Tool)125°C (257°F) | 150°C (302°F)