• The industry’s shortest and most compact electro-mechanical setting tool
  • Does not require explosives, well pressure, pre-pressurisation or nitrogen chambers
  • Deployed via slickline and activated by a pre-programmed timer
  • Setting power vs time logged to memory, confirming downhole setting



The patented Barracuda™ Electro-SET™ is a rechargeable battery-powered electro-mechanical setting tool used to install the Barracuda product line, which currently includes the HEX-Hanger, a high expansion gauge hanger, and the HEX-Retainer, a high expansion basket retainer. The slim-line tool can be deployed by conventional slickline or e-line methods in any tubing size—including 2-3/8”.

The Electro-SET is the shortest setting tool in the market and has been designed for restricted height and restricted tubing ID deployments. The technology does not require explosives, well pressure, pre-pressurisation or nitrogen chambers, which increase tool and installation complexity. The tool can run multiple times without servicing, enabling a quick turnaround between runs. For extended operations, the modular design enables the tool to be serviced at wellsite by trained personnel.

The Electro-SET’s pre-programmed onboard timer activates the electro-mechanical drive mechanism downhole enabling faster installation and reducing well intervention time and cost. Once set, the tool can be retrieved to surface where the onboard setting log will confirm the positive tool set.

The name 'Barracuda™' lends itself perfectly to the product line’s speed, strength and grip features, and most notably, the compact size of each technology.


  • The Electro-SET-HEX-Hanger toolstring is run-in-hole via slickline to depth.
  • An onboard timer activates the Electro-SET, expanding the HEX-Hanger grippers onto the tubing/casing wall via a soft-set pre-compression mechanism which provides high force distribution and engagement.
  • The Electro-SET is disengaged from the installed HEX-Hanger via a shear-pin mechanism.
  • The Electro-SET is then pulled-out-of-hole and the onboard setting log is downloaded to confirm successful installation.


Setting Tool Type (Power)Electro-Mechanical (Battery Powered)
ServiceMulti-Run Capability
MaterialSuper Duplex
External Diameter (Slimline) 47.3mm (1.862”)
External Diameter (Standard)54mm (2.125”)
Length590 – 820mm (23.2 – 32.3")
Weight5kg (Hand Carry)
Pressure Rating10,000psi
Temperature Rating125°C (257°F) | 150°C (302°F)