• Wireless telemetry network for remote activation and control of downhole equipment
  • Can be used to trigger equipment from surface, such as fluid samplers or a DHSIT during DST and well testing operations
  • Interface with the SonicGauge™ to change data acquisition schedules and poll historical downhole data saved to onboard memory


The patented SonicSync™ Command+Control Platform is the state-of-the-art subsurface acoustic telemetry system that uses two-way (duplex) communication to interface with downhole equipment. At surface, a command tool driven by a laptop interface is temporarily attached to a production wellhead or drill pipe to send acoustic commands downhole to activate, control or check the status and diagnostics of downhole equipment. The technology can provide a theoretically unlimited transmission distance using SonicRepeater stations deployed along the tubing and has a proven downhole life of up to eight years for semi-permanent installations.


  • Change data rate schedule to capture events, such as a pressure build-up (PBU)
  • Poll the onboard memory for historical data download, such as early-time data
  • Activate SonicRepeater onboard sensors for gradient surveys
  • Optimise power output for long-term battery efficiency
  • Optimise acoustic output and noise filters post-installation


  • Barracuda™ Electro-SET™ - Setting Tool
  • SonicSampler™ - Fluid Sampler Activation Tool
  • SonicDHSIT™ - Wireless Well Test System (Release Date: Q4-2024)
  • SonicArc™ - Wireless Packer Verification Tool (Release Date: Q1-2025)


Wellhead Unit (Magnetic Attachment)IP67, 650x50x50mm
Laptop PC Interface UnitIP67, 200x50x50mm
Telemetry TypeAcoustic
Communication TypeDuplex (Two-Way Mesh Network)
Transmission DistanceUnlimited with SonicRepeater Stations
Temperature Rating (Max.)150°C (302°F)
Pressure Rating Options (Max.)10,000 | 15,000 | 25,000psi
Length1,300 –1,800mm (51.2 - 70.9")
Diameter33.4mm (1.31")
MaterialSuper Duplex | Inconel
Battery LifeUp to 8 Years (20% Safety Factor)
Third-Party Tool InterfaceInformation Upon Request