• Wireless telemetry network for remote activation and control of downhole equipment
  • Can be integrated with third-party tools such as valves, samplers and firing heads
  • Interface with the SonicGauge™ to change data acquisition schedules and poll historical downhole data saved to onboard memory


The patent-pending SonicSync™ Command+Control Platform is a subsurface acoustic telemetry system that uses two-way (duplex) communication to interface with downhole equipment. At surface, a command tool driven by a laptop interface is temporarily attached to a production wellhead or drill pipe to send acoustic commands downhole to activate, control or check the status and diagnostics of downhole equipment. Dependent on depth, wireless SonicRepeater stations are deployed along the tubing to boost the range of the system—effectively providing an unlimited transmission distance.

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The SonicSync can send the following commands to the SonicGauge:

  • Change data rate schedule to capture events such as a pressure build-up (PBU)
  • Poll the onboard memory for historical data download
  • Optimise power output for long-term battery efficiency
  • Optimise acoustic output and noise filters post-installation


Upon request, the SonicSync system can be integrated with third-party equipment such as:

  • Electronic Firing Heads (TCP)
  • Downhole Circulating Valves
  • Fluid Samplers


Wellhead Unit (Magnetic Attachment)IP67, 1650x50x50mm
Laptop PC Interface UnitIP67, 200x50x50mm
Telemetry TypeAcoustic
Communication TypeDuplex (Two Way)
Transmission DistanceUnlimited with SonicRepeater Stations
Temperature Rating (Max.)150°C (302°F)
Pressure Rating Options (Max.)10,000 | 15,000 | 25,000psi
Length1,300 –1,800mm (51.2 - 70.9")
Diameter33.4mm (1.31")
MaterialSuper Duplex | Inconel
Battery LifeUp to 8 Years
Third-Party Tool InterfaceInformation Upon Request