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15 January, 2020
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Hart Energy | SonicGauge: Remote Deployment Solution

Acoustic Data debuts remote downhole monitoring deployment solution in response to COVID-19

Acoustic Data, a global leader in wireless well technology, has developed a remote deployment model for its SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System to overcome travel restrictions relating to COVID-19. The solution enables operators to self-install their real-time wireless downhole monitoring system without requiring specialist engineers onsite.

With much of the industry’s workforce grounded, Acoustic Data offers full operational support in real-time from its UK headquarters. In conjunction with online training videos, operators can install the pre-packaged and pre-programmed technology in standard well installations, from underground gas storage to production and monitoring wells.

Matthew Norgate, Chief Operating Officer of Acoustic Data, said: “For how long the lockdown will continue is uncertain; however, we can anticipate extended restrictions on personnel deployment – particularly for offshore and remote locations – and a drive to minimise operational expenditure for the foreseeable future. In this environment, optimising asset performance utilising downhole well data is more critical than ever, so we have developed this deployment model for both the SonicGauge™ and Barracuda HEX-Hanger™ to give operators a cost-effective data solution in this period of limited mobility. This methodology is a testament to the portability and simplicity of the technology.”

The SonicGauge provides simple, real-time data acquisition and reporting as an alternative to cabled permanent downhole gauges and sporadic memory gauge surveys. The acoustic telemetry system enables engineers to conduct real-time reservoir evaluation in underground storage, production, injection and monitoring wells. The technology’s major advantage is that it can be quickly and safely retrofitted via slickline in existing wells with Acoustic Data’s patented Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™, a high expansion gauge hanger system.

“Our customers are searching for ways to reduce the installation cost, minimise personnel at wellsite and reduce operational risk – this solution achieves all of this whilst providing immediate OPEX savings. Furthermore, the technology provides enhanced reliability over the lifetime of the well. We have deployed this technology around the globe and are sharing that knowledge and expertise to help clients navigate this challenging time,” adds Norgate.

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