Application | Reservoir Monitoring



Permanent downhole monitoring systems allow engineers to observe reservoir performance at a click of a button from anywhere in the world, rather than rely on short periods of planned testing. Engineers can quickly analyse pressure and temperature responses to changes in production, injection or lift rate, and identify production enhancement opportunities.

Acoustic Data’s SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System offers simple and reliable real-time data acquisition and reporting as an alternative to both cabled permanent downhole gauges (PDHG) or infrequent memory gauge surveys. The technology can be permanently deployed on clamps or ported subs on the outside of tubing at the time of well completion, or it can be retrofitted inside the production tubing on the Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™ (high expansion gauge hanger) via slickline.

The HEX-Hanger does not require a nipple profile, so the SonicGauge can be set virtually anywhere in the completion via the patented and battery-powered Electro-SET™ (electro-mechanical setting tool). Additionally, SonicRepeater stations are equipped with onboard pressure transducers to report the well’s flowing and static pressure gradients in real-time.

The convenience of the Barracuda system also facilitates the use of the SonicGauge for short-term testing applications. Equipment can be quickly deployed via slickline, real-time data obtained, and then retrieved on slickline for the next operation. The key benefit for these types of applications relates to real-time data improving operational efficiency by reducing well testing time.



  • Short- and long-term real-time reservoir monitoring
  • Retrofit solution for existing wells via slickline – no rig required
  • Tubing deployed option for new completions or workovers
  • Well stimulation operation monitoring


  • Real-time reservoir evaluation and production optimisation
  • Real-time monitoring of Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR)
  • Real-time monitoring of Flowing and Static Gradients in tubing
  • Deployable into most completion systems


    The client has estimated that the installation of the SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System will save millions of dollars across a 5-year installation period by removing the requirement to perform memory gauge surveys and shut in the well, leading to lost production.


  • SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System
  • Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™ (Gauge Hanger)
  • Barracuda™ Electro-SET™ (Setting Tool)


    The client is managing an ageing oilfield in which only 50% of active wells are equipped with Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS). The Reservoir Team formulated a reservoir surveillance plan for the remaining production wells from which they required frequent downhole P&T data. They required a cost-effective real-time solution that would work over a multi-year duration and could be retrofitted to their existing well stock.


    Acoustic Data retrofitted a turnkey SonicGauge™ Wireless monitoring system in three slickline runs during a 12-hour period. The SonicGauge™ sensor and SonicRepeater stations were set in 4-1/2” tubing at depths of 800m (2,643ft), 500m (1,640ft) and 200m (656ft).

    The Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™ technology is not reliant on nipple profiles for installation and allowed the gauges to be located at the exact depths required by the client. When the Barracuda™ Electro-SET™ electro-mechanical setting tool was recovered to surface after each run, the on-board data logs showed that the HEX-Hangers were optimally set.

    The SonicGauge™ System provides one data point every 6 hours with an expected system life of five years. Real-time downhole pressure and temperature data was immediately available at surface and viewed at Acoustic Data headquarters via the 4G-WiFi communication module located in the SonicGauge™ Data Logger, which was also patched into the customer's distributed control system (DCS) via a Modbus communication port.


  • Multi-year downhole-to-desktop data acquisition solution replaces failed PDHG and frequent memory gauge surveys
  • Real-time data was acquired during both high production rates (20mmscf) and during shut-in periods (pressure build-ups)
  • Considerable decrease in well intervention activity and the associated loss of production due to shut-in
  • Savings related to decreased lost production is estimated into the millions of dollars across a five-year installation period
  • Operational and personnel exposure at wellsite reduced, positively impacting Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)