Application | Production Well Testing



Well testing is performed to establish the Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR), to measure fluid fractions and to estimate tubing pressure and temperature gradients. The information gathered can be used to calculate permeability, estimate Skin and identify boundaries and barriers. Real-time surface monitoring of downhole pressure allows the operator to confirm Pressure Build-Up (PBU) stabilization and avoids the guesswork associated with memory gauge surveys. This guarantees data quality and avoids unnecessary loss of production by enabling the well to be open up sooner.

During well test flow periods, Acoustic Data’s SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System allows real-time flowing bottom-hole pressure (FBHP) and pressure gradient points along the wellbore to be observed at surface. Because the SonicGauge can transmit data across barriers, incorporation with a downhole shut-in tool (DHSIT) allows PBUs to be conducted without wellbore storage effects whilst monitoring in real time at surface.

The SonicGauge is deployed at any depth in the tubing by the Barracuda™ HEX-Hanger™ (high expansion gauge hanger) via traditional slickline methods enabling us to offer a complete, standalone solution for both downhole and surface systems. The HEX-Hanger has an ultra-slim profile (1.3” OD) providing minimal flow restriction but with an anchoring capability of over 2,000kg. The technology is set by our patented and battery powered Electro-SET™ (electro-mechanical setting tool).



  • Bottomhole pressure transient testing
  • Downhole zonal flow / build up monitoring
  • Real-time flowing gradient surveys


  • Real-time analysis of well performance
  • Implement changes to well operating point immediately


    The SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System provides real-time data acquisition in order to accurately monitor the ‘real’ dynamic fluid head over the PCP during the dewatering phase and to capture early well pressure build-up parameters in two Coal Seam Gas (CSG) wells.


  • SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System


    Real-time annulus fluid level data was required at frequent intervals in two shallow PCP wells over a 1-year period to ensure the wells were not pumped off, and to capture pressure build up data between pumping cycles. The client required a cost-effective solution that did not require a wellhead pass-through, and which desirably did not have a cable strapped to tubing so the tubing string could be snubbed in and out of a live well.


    In one well, a single SonicGauge™ sensor was installed at 239mMD, and in the other well at 316mMD—both were located directly underneath the PCPs. Both wireless gauges transmitted directly to the Surface Data Logger at surface. The planned operational life of the gauges was approximately 1 year with data measured and transmitted at 1-hourly intervals. The SonicGauges were powered by 2 C cell lithium batteries.


    The two SonicGauge™ Systems operated without fault for their entire 10-month (311 days and 315 days, respectively) deployment. The hourly frequency of data acquisition allowed the operator to accurately monitor the ‘real’ dynamic fluid head over the PCP during the dewatering phase and to capture early well pressure build-up parameters.