Oilfield Technology | Acoustic Data Awarded Multi-Million-Dollar Contract in Iraq

OGV Interviewed Acoustic Data’s CEO at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, UK
25 January, 2024
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27 February, 2024

Oilfield Technology | Acoustic Data Awarded Multi-Million-Dollar Contract in Iraq

London, United Kingdom - Acoustic Data, a leader in multi-year wireless downhole data acquisition for the oil and gas and underground energy storage industries, has announced a multi-million-dollar order from Iraq for their SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System. The contract, awarded by a major oilfield service company, is an endorsement of Acoustic Data's subsurface solutions, particularly for interference observation monitoring, production optimisation and well testing.

Jesse Tolley, Chief Commercial Officer, remarked on the contract's significance: "The project represents a major commercial milestone for Acoustic Data in the Middle East. Our SonicGauge technology will be deployed by slickline across a substantial number of assets to provide real-time data acquisition for a multi-year duration. In addition, the SonicSync™ will allow the operator to execute high-frequency well-test programs on command and without intervention—representing unparalleled capability in the industry."

Tolley added, "While our engineering team has primarily focused on downhole data acquisition via wireless communication, we will be releasing new command-driven technologies for completions, drill stem testing and production well testing in 2024. Most of which are destined to be deployed in MENA and South-East Asia in the first instance."

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