Application | Drill Stem Testing (SRO)



The Drill Stem Test (DST) plays a pivotal role in prospect evaluation and subsequent field development planning. Therefore, it is imperative to acquire reliable, high-accuracy downhole pressure and temperature data in a timely manner to allow the reservoir evaluation to be conducted without introducing additional uncertainty or delay.

Acoustic Data’s SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System delivers surface-read-out (SRO) of downhole pressure and temperature data in real-time via acoustic telemetry transmitted through the tubing. Access to real-time reservoir response data allows live analysis of the well test, leading to fast and informed decision-making at wellsite or remotely via satellite or cellular communication. In turn, this decreases risk, rig time and lost production. Multiple SonicGauge wireless downhole gauges can be deployed along the test string to capture high accuracy, flowing and shut-in pressure and gradient data.


  • Exploration & Appraisal Well Testing (E&A)
  • Mini Drill Stem Test (DST) / Fast Test
  • Well Clean-up & Flowback


  • Immediate pressure transient analysis
  • Downhole flowing and shut-in pressure data acquisition
  • Optimisation of PBU test duration to reduce rig time and cost
  • Real-time observation of pressure build-up (PBU) and drawdown stabilisation

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    The SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System was deployed in various wells in Australia to support Drill Stem Testing operations by providing real-time surface read-out (SRO) of downhole data during shut-in and flowing conditions


    The Australian operator requested real-time downhole DST data. EM telemetry could not provide this reliably in the Surat and Cooper Basins. One-minute data was required over several hours of testing to capture pressure buildup and drawdown characteristics.


    The DST contractor instrumented their test string with a single SonicGauge™ gauge in tandem with memory gauges inside and outside of the DST string. The SonicGauge™ gauge was installed inside the DST string below the downhole shut-in valve and was programmed to transmit data at 1-minute intervals directly to the Surface Data Logger. The SonicGauge was powered by 2x C cell batteries.


    Real-time 1-minute data was recovered to surface from the single SonicGauge™ gauge from depths up to 1914mMD.

    DST-1 - Surat Basin692m2h58m
    DST-2 - Surat Basin564m3h23m
    DST-3 - Surat Basin503m3h47m
    DST-4 - Surat Basin628m0h19m
    DST-5 - Surat Basin498m2h57m
    DST-6 - Surat Basin481m4h02m
    DST-7 - Cooper Basin1914m10h32m

    When SonicGauge™ gauge data was compared to data retrieved from the DataCan ¾”, 6,000psi piezo gauges run on the inside of the DST string, there was an exact overlay.