• Confirms the exact time when perforation guns have been fired downhole
  • Confirms frac ball launch and seating, and movement of sliding sleeves
  • Exceptional clarity of surface and downhole events with high-resolution play and replay


The SonicAnalyst™ Downhole Event Monitor provides operators with the ultimate wellbore noise and event analysis package. Deployed in conjunction with our SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System, the surface monitor confirms downhole events during well-stimulation operations, such as fracture treatments and perforation.

The technology continuously monitors, records, filters, and interprets well noise in real-time, which is sharply displayed in our custom data interface. It displays an audible and visual soundtrack side-by-side with a surface pressure trace to correlate significant downhole events in real time.

At any time, traces can be stopped, re-wound, marked, annotated, auto-scaled, custom-scaled, and then returned to the real-time trace. Data and annotations are saved for future analysis and can be exported for off-site viewing.


  • During Drill Stem Testing operations, it provides positive confirmation and the exact time when perforation guns have been fired downhole, which is particularly useful with phased perforating timing.
  • During Fracture Stimulation treatments, it provides positive confirmation of frac ball launch and seating, movement of sliding sleeves, and changes of fluid flow noise indicating frac fluid diversion or breakthroughs.