Energy Focus | A Changing Energy Landscape

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27 January, 2018
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19 April, 2018

Energy Focus | A Changing Energy Landscape

Mark Tolley talks about how innovation and technology will be crucial for operators looking to get the most out of their assets in the North Sea.

Focus on Efficiency

Looking at where the industry is today, the focus among those active in the North Sea is firmly on cost and efficiency — squeezing the most out of the remaining reserves at the lowest possible cost — with the sector leading the world in technological innovation: "North Sea oil and gas technology innovation has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. The next step will be the implementation of real-time technologies such as the SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System that offers operators the chance to access data at the touch of a button. Once example of this will be wireless reservoir monitoring, providing companies with reliable, consistent wellbore information. Not only will this enable safer operations, it will also allow operators to make faster and better-informed decisions," says Mark Tolley, CEO of Acoustic Data.

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