Case Studies | 300+ SonicGauge Tool Deployments & Counting

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8 September, 2022
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Case Studies | 300+ SonicGauge Tool Deployments & Counting

As we look back on 2022, we are pleased to announce that we have surpassed the 300+ SonicGauge tool deployment milestone!

Over the last ten years, we have continued to develop and improve our wireless technology platform, which now includes two-way (duplex) communication via the SonicSync Command+Control Platform, which is integrated with our SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System. The next step is integrating this technology with other downhole equipment, such as valves and fluid samplers.

Furthermore, we have been fortunate to integrate our technologies with the operations of the major global service companies and smaller regional players. Please click on the link below to download our Case Study Pack.

Download Case Study Pack

Case Study 1: An NOC is managing an ageing field where only 50% of the wells have real-time monitoring. Real-time data is required to manage assets in production decline and fast-track production optimisation.

Case Study 2: A consortium is redeveloping a field in Southern Iraq where the majority of the assets do not have downhole gauges for real-time reservoir surveillance.

Case Study 3: A UGS operator needed to ensure that the barrier provided by two wireline retrievable bridge plugs was maintained throughout the operation. Any degradation in the performance of the plugs would need to be immediately detected to permit the intervention team to take remedial actions.

Case Study 4: UGS operators need to be responsive to changes in the wholesale gas market to optimise the return on their assets, and accurate downhole data is critical to understand the potential capacity available for storage/sale whilst ensuring the integrity of the cavern is maintained

Case Study 5: In a recent suite of operations in the Permian Basin, a well operator wanted to record the early-stage production of a series of recently drilled wells without incurring high costs, which would have limited the program scope. The monobore completion precluded the use of lock mandrels, leaving the team to search for a reliable and cost-effective high-expansion solution.