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27 April, 2018
InnovOil: Reservoir Data at SonicGauge Speeds
5 August, 2018

JPT | Technology Applications

Published in the Journal of Petroleum Technology ("JPT")

Since the first permanent downhole gauges ("PDGs") were deployed in the late 1980s, real-time, continuous downhole monitoring has become an established approach to optimize the economic and operational performance of a reservoir. Cabled gauge solutions are hard-wired and deployed during well completion, addressing two of the limiting factors associated with traditional memory gauge surveys: repeat well interventions and the delay in accessing downhole data for analysis. Wireless downhole data transfer offers a safe, simple, and reliable alternative to both cabled PDGs and sporadic memory gauge surveys.

Acoustic Data’s SonicGauge™ Wireless Monitoring System uses acoustic telemetry to transmit real-time downhole pressure and temperature data from downhole to surface over days, months, or years. The wireless downhole gauges can be tubing-deployed in a new well completion/workover or permanently retrofit through tubing in an existing well via high-expansion gauge hanger. The technology can be used to cost-­effectively gather wellbore data in a wide range of applications, such as drillstem testing, reservoir monitoring, production-well testing, and well-integrity monitoring. SonicGauge provides operators with a real-time data acquisition solution to optimize production and maximize the economic value of their assets.

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