• The industry’s least flow restrictive high expansion gauge hanger (1.3” OD)
  • By far the most compact, easy to use, and field serviceable solution available
  • Package with the AD250 Wireless for a real-time retrofit monitoring system
  • Gauge hanger sizing from 2-3/8” through to 7-5/8” tubing/casing
  • Can safely hold in excess of 2,000kg in flowing conditions



Our patented BarracudaHEX can be installed anywhere in the wellbore allowing operators to securely anchor acoustic telemetry gauges, memory gauges, fluid samplers, and other downhole devices using conventional slickline methods. The technology was developed as a deployment option for our AD250 Wireless Downhole Gauge System allowing it to be retrofitted in a well that has no gauges or has a failed permanent downhole cabled gauge (PDHG).

We offer two Barracuda HEX models which service 2-3/8″ to 4-1/2″ tubing sizes (S-Version) and 3-1/2″ to 7-5/8″ tubing/casing sizes (L-Version). The gauge hangers offer significantly less flow restriction than our competitors and can safely hold in excess of 2,000kg in flowing conditions. Our unique pre-compression mechanism ensures that the hanger engagement force is retained with changing well conditions.

The name 'Barracuda' lends itself perfectly to the tools speed, strength and grip features, and most notably its compact size.



  • Ultra slim-line tool design to minimize flow restriction providing higher quality data
  • Gauge hanger sizing from 2-3/8” through to 7-5/8” tubing/casing
  • Stored energy compression system to ensure engagement force does not diminish with changing well conditions
  • Bi-directional slip design to withstand loads in either direction
  • Soft-set mechanism provides even slip force distribution and engagement with the tubing wall
  • High load carrying capacity in excess of 2,000kg (4,400 lbs)
  • Slickline or e-line set using the Barracuda ElectroSET Setting Tool
  • Setting Tool has a multi-run capability allowing for quick turnaround and reduced well site inventory
  • Extremely short length – Barracuda Setting Tool and Gauge Hanger overall length 152 - 182cm


Product TypeGauge HangerGauge HangerElectronic Setting Tool
Tubing/Casing Size2-3/8″ to 4-1/2″3-1/2″ to 7-5/8″2-3/8″ to 7-5/8″
Material316 Stainless Steel
(Inconel Optional)
316 Stainless Steel
(Inconel Optional)
316 Stainless Steel
(Inconel Optional)
Length650mm (25.6″)950mm (37.4″)870mm (34.3″)
Running OD35.6mm (1.4″)35.6mm (1.4″)48mm (1.89″)
Body OD33.4mm (1.3″)33.4mm (1.3″)48mm (1.89″)
Pressure MaximumNo LimitNo Limit10,000psi
Temperature MaximumNo LimitNo Limit150 degreeC
Holding Capacity3,000kg3,000kgN.A.
Flow Restriction %2-3/8”: 52%
2-7/8”: 31%
3-1/2”: 23%
3-1/2”: 23%
4-1/2”: 15%
Fishing Head1”. Jar up to retrieve1”. Jar up to retrieve1”. Jar up to pull off hanger
ServiceField ServiceableField ServiceableMulti-Run Capacity