AD250 Smart Gauge

DAY 3 – ADIPEC 2013
13 November, 2013
OMV/Petrom Forum 2014
18 April, 2014

AD250 Smart Gauge

ACOUSTIC DATA has launched its AD250 Smart Wireless Permanent Downhole Gauge System!

Our standard AD250 Wireless Permanent PDHG acoustically transmits well bore pressure and temperature to surface in real time. This flexible system can be used for long term reservoir surveillance and capturing pressure buildups. Data measurement and transmission schedules are easily programmed, the fastest real-time transmission interval being 45 seconds.

The AD250 Smart PDHG is deployed where ‘fast’ pressure build-ups of less than 5 hours are anticipated. It is programmed to monitor dP/dT after a selected start time, and when a pre-determined threshold is reached, to switch into a fast mode consequently recording pre-buildup and early-time pressure data at 1 to 30 second time intervals for up to 600 data points. The ‘fast’ pressure data captured is transmitted to surface after the pressure buildup has stabilised.

Our new technology represents a holy grail for reservoir engineers as the AD250 Smart Gauge optimises the complete suite of real time reservoir pressure monitoring options in a simple and cost effective manner. Operators will benefit from huge reductions in OPEX as wireline services and memory gauges are now no longer required for routine well bore pressure surveys.

ACOUSTIC DATA, your data highway from downhole to desktop.